What Is ARAM?

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Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) is a 3/8-inch rubberized membrane comprised of both California scrap tire rubber and tires with a high natural rubber content that provides maintenance-free street surfaces for 10 to 15 (or more) years. ARAM can be applied to both residential and arterial streets, and is often a cost-effective alternative for reconstruction and other conventional strategies.

Unlike many products that are made in bulk at plants, stored and then transported for projects, ARAM is always blended, mixed and reacted near the job site. This has the added benefit of ensuring strict quality control with regular checks of crumb rubber content, temperature, reaction time and viscosity.

Application of binder at 385-410°F

The basic application steps include applying the Asphalt-Rubber binder (made from California scrap tire rubber and tires with a high natural rubber content blended with a paving grade asphalt, and other additives), at 385° F to 410° F temperatures at a rate of 0.55 to 0.65 gallons per square yard. A hot, pre-coated nominal-sized 3/8 inch aggregate is then spread over the binder at a rate of 28 - 40 pounds per square yard. Pneumatic tire rollers and a static steel drum roller then embed the aggregate before an extensive sweeping operation begins. All swept aggregate is then cleaned, recoated and recycled for future use.

ARAM has both a standard Greenbook and Caltrans specification with decades of proven performance in California. Developed in the 1960s, ARAM has been refined over the years to become one of the most fiscally-responsible, best-performing and environmentally-friendly maintenance strategies of its kind.

To find out more information about ARAM, call the WPMA at (213) 683-1300 or e-mail admin@westernpma.org

Hot, pre-coated aggregate at
28 to 40 pounds per square yard

Rubber Tire Rollers (RTRs) and static steel drum roller embed the aggregate

Extensive sweeping operation

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