System 1

Drawing of a typical System 1 application (ARAM + Type II slurry)

ARAM System 1 applications are designed primarily for low speed, low volume residential streets. Also known as ARAM cape seals, System 1 applications usually do not require any grinding or utility adjustments, as the ARAM and slurry seal layer are just over 3/8 of an inch thick. This provides a significant cost savings and also allows projects to be finished quickly. ARAM rarely requires complete street closures and can be driven on within minutes of an application, thereby minimizing public inconvenience.

ARAM cape seals start with ARAM applied directly to the existing surface, followed by Type II slurry. Unless there is already a substantial lip at the gutter, the elevation from the cape seal is minimal and does not require additional preparations. In the event of a lip at the gutter edge, select micromilling can be performed to reduce the differences between the existing pavement and the edge of the gutter. If there are pot holes or large cracks over a half inch wide, patching and crack sealing is recommended prior to the ARAM project to ensure optimal performance. ARAM System 1 applications will perform for 10 to 15 years or more, maintenance free. There are many examples in Southern California where ARAM cape seals have performed for over 20 years.

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1. Before an ARAM System 1 application

2. Asphalt-Rubber binder

3. Hot, pre-coated aggregate

4. Applied ARAM (after sweeping)

5. Type II slurry

6. Finished System 1

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