Caltrans ARAM Chip Seals (Seal Coats)

Caltrans often applies ARAM with just a flush coat (asphalt emulsion + sand over) on open, rural highways. This is a very cost effective way to preserve and maintain highway surfaces without the extra expense of slurry, hot mix asphalt and in many cases, cold milling. Caltrans has performed many large projects of this type in Imperial County, which not only has a significant amount of open highways but major temperature shifts throughout the year (25° F-125° F). The durability and flexibility of ARAM allows it to perform for over ten years, maintenance free in very harsh conditions.

This type of treatment is also ideal for composite layering with staged construction. ARAM can be applied and perform maintenance free for many years, and then receive a hot mix asphalt overlay. By delaying the completion of the asphalt overlay, maintenance dollars can be stretched over many years.

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1. Application of Asphalt-Rubber binder

2. Close up view of Asphalt-Rubber binder being applied

3. Hot, pre-coated aggregate

4. Asphalt emulsion application

5. Sand

6. Finished ARAM

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