System 2

Drawing of a typical System 2 application (Leveling course + ARAM + Type II slurry)

ARAM System 2 applications are designed primarily for low speed, low volume residential streets. The difference between an ARAM System 2 application and an ARAM System 1 application is the addition of a hot mix asphalt leveling course. System 2 cape seals are best for deteriorated residential streets and can often be a viable alternative to reconstruction or other more expensive conventional treatments.

Utility adjustments are required with a System 2 application, but grinding is often limited or not necessary. The leveling course can be feathered to the gutter, and if there isn't already a substantial lip, edge grinding (header cut) is rarely required. Although a System 2 application has more of an initial cost compared to a System 1 application, it is still a very cost effective solution compared to reconstruction or major grind/overlay projects. System 2 cape seals will perform for 10 to 15 years or more maintenance-free.

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1. Before an ARAM System 2 application

2. 3/4" conventional hot mix asphalt leveling course

3. After leveling course

4. Applied ARAM (after sweeping)

5. Type II slurry

6. Finished System 2

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