Recycled Tires

There is an overflow of scrap tires in California.

ARAM recycles the equivalent of over 600 California scrap tires in every lane mile, an amount significantly more than any other comparable product. The use of ARAM has an immediate benefit of reducing tire stockpiles and indirectly aids in conserving land, preventing fires, and preventing water pollution.

Scrap tires are a major headache for landfills and other sites since tires do not biodegrade easily or quickly. As a result, there is an overflow of scrap tires in California. A dangerous result of this surplus is the possibility of a fire that cannot easily be contained or extinguished. If a fire breaks out in a major scrap tire pile, it can take a year or more to completely burn itself out. As it burns, the fire will pollute the air, the surrounding land and potentially leach toxins into water reservoirs. Because ARAM includes recycled tires in its mix design, the roads on which it is applied are, like tires, durable and resistant to weather, ultraviolet rays, and temperature.

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