System 3

Drawing of a typical System 3 application (Cold mill + leveling course + ARAM + ARHM)

ARAM System 3 applications are the most robust of the ARAM composite layering systems, and are often viable alternatives to total reconstruction. Designed primarily for arterial streets and highways, these systems can save cities, counties and other agencies potentially millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary reconstruction or other expensive conventional treatments. It is a fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly way to preserve and maintain California's streets and highways.

This system begins with a two-inch cold mill operation, followed by a 3/4 - 1 inch leveling course. The ARAM interlayer is applied over the leveling course and then covered with approximately 1.2 to 2 inches of Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix (ARHM). The ARAM will protect the overlay from reflective cracking and prevent water from percolating to the subgrade. System 3 composite layering projects will perform for 12 to 15 years (or more) maintenance-free.

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1. Before an ARAM System 3 application

2. Full width cold mill

3. Leveling course

4. After applied ARAM

5. ARHM overlay

6. Finished System 3

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